The Atheist’s Thanksgiving

Previously, I wrote an article about “The Art of Being Grateful” which discussed the fact that even Atheists can learn to be thankful. It is the “Spirit” of Thanksgiving rather than the object of our thanks that truly matters.¬†Yes, Thanksgiving is for Atheists too!

I fully understand the awkwardness of the Atheist at Holidays such as Thanksgiving, standing around family members while “Grace’ is said over the Turkey and as your father holds your hand tighter as a point of emphasis of how much he wished you would return to God.

But let not these things dishearten you, oh Atheist! For Thanksgiving is a time of reflection and appreciation. It may not be easy or come as naturally to you, but you too can be thankful. But to whom, you ask?

Look around you this Thanksgiving at those people who hold you true and dear to their heart. Whether they be family members or friends. These are the people deserving of your thanks. You don’t need an imaginary figure in the sky to be grateful or appreciative.

It may not be easy, it may be uncomfortable, and you may not know how to express yourself to those who love you the most. But trust me, they do love you and for that you can be truly grateful this Thanksgiving.


  1. Luisa said:

    I totally agree Mike. Happy Thanksgiving! Luisa

    November 19, 2015
    • Mike Price said:

      Thanks so much Luisa. Happy Thanksgiving!

      November 19, 2015

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