The Happy Existentialist

Today I remarked to a colleague of mine, that life was simple but people tend to overcomplicate things. He didn’t seem to agree with me and thought that my description of how easy and basic life was, was a bit depressing.

However, I don’t find it depressing to believe that life isn’t complicated. I consider myself a happy Existentialist! The famous Existentialist philosopher Albert Camus mentioned in his “Myth of Sisyphus“, that one must imagine Sisyphus happy.

As an Existentialist, I do not believe that life has any ultimate goal, purpose or higher calling. This does not automatically sentence humans to a hopeless prison. Instead, I believe that this worldview should drive us to create meaning of our own where there was none.

I find the idea that life is meaningless outside of ourselves is actually quite refreshing. No greater personal freedom can be found than that of owning our own fate and deciding for ourselves what life means to us before we enter non-existence once again.

As a great teacher named Wayne Dyer has said, before we were ┬áborn we were “nowhere” and as we live, we are “now here”. Once we die, we will return to the state of “nowhere” and this life we live today is simply the space in between.

It is this very sweet space in between that we call our existence. Thus to exist cannot be depressing but must be looked upon as the opportunity to express ourselves as the unique individuals we are. Whether we decide to do this through our work, hobbies, or religion is up to us.

The fact that all of this simply turns into dust one day should not make us sad, angry, or even scared. Rather, I feel that this should serve as a reminder that each day we get to enjoy existence without stress or worry. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry! Love life, Love Existence, Love Yourself.

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