New Year’s Reflections

While most people are probably writing New Year posts that involve resolutions, I prefer to stick to reflection. Each New Year I like to think about the past year and all the things I learned, experienced, and accomplished.

I certainly won’t go into detail about everything as then this post would be extremely long and boring to most folks. However, I am going to make this post easily readable by breaking down the things I learned, experienced, and accomplished in list form.

2014 Things Learned:

1. I value my time more than I do my money. I would rather pay for someone to do something for me than have to do it myself if it means taking free time away from me.

2. I enjoy Tejano music far more than I had ever imagined myself to. I find myself listening to Tejano music almost on a daily basis now that I am living back in Texas.

3. My passion for WordPress has grown tenfold now that I help people for a living get their websites back in working order. This passion has led to happiness at my day job!

2014 Things Experienced/Accomplished:

1. The biggest one on this list has to be my huge move back home to Texas after living in San Francisco for 8 years. Moving to Austin with little to no savings, no job, and no place to live, I managed to find both within 3 days of being back!

2. Landing my job at WP Engine is a fantastic experience in which I am absolutely learning something new everyday about something I am very passionate about (WordPress). 2015 will be great knowing that I am doing something I love to do.

3. Lastly, I have experienced a great trust in myself and a confident knowing that I have the ability to land on my own two feet, no matter the circumstances around me. This confidence will no doubt be ever important in 2015.

Looking forward to 2015:

I appreciate everyone that took time out to read this blog post. I am most excited for 2015 as there will be more big changes in my life. One being yet another move. I will be moving to San Antonio, just an hour outside of Austin.

I will be living Downtown and will be transferring to the WP Engine office located in the heart of good ole’ San Antonio (my hometown).

I want to thank all of you that I count as friends because without you, each year would be boring as hell! Happy New Year!


  1. mom said:

    proud of you Son!

    January 2, 2015

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