Risk of Adventure: Restart your Life

Here is an article I wrote a few weeks ago on Medium:

As I sit here on a Sunday morning at Starbucks of the W Hotel in Austin, Texas, I look up to see a map of the world. Any time I see a map or picture of Countries unknown, I immediately think of Adventure. Don’t you?

When I think about adventure, I think about my life and all my choices that I have made that have led me through the gates of adventures unknown. And choices by their very nature, involve risk, whether it be small or great.

There are those who gladly accept the challenges of risk and then there is the majority of people in the world that are completely risk averse, doing anything in their power to make choices that involve the least amount of risk possible as to somehow ensure themselves a stable life.

Which one are you? I can say with great conviction that I am the type of person that not only takes risks but knows that life can only reach its full potential if risk is completely embraced as a general lifestyle.

I have personally pushed the “Restart” button in my life about 4 times with each of those times involving a certain amount of risk that would drive most people insane with fear. Why do I do it? Adventure!

At age 24, I took my first vacation ever and went to San Francisco for 4 days. This certainly wasn’t the risky part. However, 3 months later I took my last paycheck from my job in San Antonio and moved to SF with $300 and a bag of clothes. No job or place to live of my own.

I moved in with someone I met on an online chat room but found a full time job with a tech startup within 2 weeks of my arrival in SF. Just a month or so later, found a nice studio apartment all to myself.

About 5 years later, I decided I wanted to hit the “Restart” button again in my life as I needed that rush of adventure again. So, I gave up my great paying job at the same startup and moved to Taiwan!

Again, no job or place to live of my own and this time the risk was higher since it was a foreign country in which I did not speak the language. As you can imagine my time there did not last long. 2 months later I was out of money and needing to return to the US.

However, the time I spent there was invaluable and taught me so many life lessons and culture lessons that I would have otherwise never had known unless I would have taken that great risk of adventure.

Back in San Francisco, I found a job with tech startup Yardsellr, in just two weeks of being back! Again, the risk of adventure paid off. After a year of working for Yardsellr, I itched to return to Taiwan as if it was calling me.

So, guess what? I returned to Taiwan but this time Yardsellr asked me to stay on with the company and work remotely from Taiwan! Again, the risk of adventure proving itself to be worth the chance of a new life.

Unfortunately, Yardsellr ended up closing up shop and laying off a good number of people, myself included. This forced me in a hurry to get back to the US in order to find another source of income. So, I flew back to SF.

Again, life rewarded me for being receptive to the risk of adventure by providing me a job at a tech startup called Instacart within just 1 week of being back in the Bay! Outside of the founders, I was employee #2 in the office!

After 15 months with Instacart, I was hired again by the first company I ever worked for in San Francisco. However, I looked at this and thought this just isn’t right as this is like going backwards. Realizing that this was not the right fit for me at this point in life, I looked toward another risk of adventure in order to get back on track.

After all these years, I was truly missing my home state of Texas. But the adventure thirsty soul of mine would not succomb to moving back to my hometown of San Antonio, espeically after being in a liberal city like SF.

What was the next option? Austin! I have never been to Austin (except as a kid-once) but I have heard that it was becoming a progressive and liberal city with lots of diverse University students. Gays were welcome too!

So, I took the biggest risk of my life in my opinion. I quit my really well paying job in SF and gave up my apartment in the beautiful and most open neighborhood, the Castro district of San Francisco.

Again, having no place to live and no job offer, I moved to Austin on Tuesday, May 27th of this year. Staying at a hotel in downtown Austin, I had a job interview with WP Engine on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday afternoon while I was at the movies, I got a phone call from them just hours after leaving their office. It was a job offer! Accepting the offer, I now knew I needed to get an apartment and ASAP.

A real estate guy helped me locate an apartment and drove me to the location (mind you, I have no car here yet) and I applied for the apartment on Thursday of the same week. Friday morning I get a call saying I have been approved and move in on Sunday!

So to recap, I moved to Austin on a Tuesday with no job or place to live. Less than 3 days later, I am provided with both. Why? Because in my life I live true to the call of adventure and fully embrace any risks involved.

My call to you as the reader of my lengthy essay (sorry, about that), is to fully embrace adventure regardless of the risks involved. I don’t know how, but life somehow has a way of acknowledging your courage and thirst for adventure by bringing you to the exact place in life that you need to be.


  1. I’ve considered taking some chances like that in the past, but you’re right, most of us are too risk-averse to try. I’ve moved around a fair amount, but now feel fairly settled where I am. I do so much around town that I’d be leaving behind a lot of things to move on. And yet I still dream…

    I know that risk-taking doesn’t always involve moving to another city or something so drastic, but I figure doing some of the things that I’ve done (leaving a job to start my own business for instance) counts as enough for me right now 🙂

    July 9, 2014
    • mikepricetw said:

      Haha yes risks are different for various people. never follow anyone else’s dreams or journeys! However, never turn down an inner call to move if you so hear it 🙂

      July 10, 2014

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