Self Determination Theory

The following thoughts were jotted down randomly as a free journal assignment:

What is the connection between self determination and self reliance? Self determination is the freedom to make your own choices and to live your life as the controller of your own destiny. Self reliance, a term coined by Ralph Waldo Emerson is the act of avoiding conformity and to trust and follow your own instincts and ideas. The combination of Self determination and self reliance can develop an individual who is poised to take on the world we currently live in.

We currently live in a world in which people have their choices made for them by a number of sources including by our Government. Because of this, we have a ton of individuals who do not understand self reliance or self determination and who believe there is no other way of life available to them.

However, the individual who is armed with both self determination and self reliance, has the ability to direct their lives in accordance with their own “Spiritual” voice. This obviously leads to happier people and more fulfilled lives. When the world has more fulfilled individuals, creativity then allows the world to prosper in a natural way.


  1. Darwin said:

    “Self determination is the freedom to make your own choices and to live your life as the controller of your own destiny” the thing is can’t make your own choices..yeah we have sense of making choices..but why we make some specific choices? what drives us? Our consciousness just provides us a sense of illusion.a sense of free will…like we control our own destiny..which by the way, we doesn’’s just simple biological coding.

    October 12, 2014
    • Mike Price said:

      Thanks for your comment! While I know what you are saying and may agree with you slightly, I still believe we do indeed have choices to make and they can change the direction of our lives. For example, I was living a happy life in San Francisco for 8 years but I decided to make a choice to move across country back to Texas. This choice was real and is determining the rest of my life path.

      October 12, 2014

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