Social Media Responsibility

Lots of people these days talk about society’s social responsibilities in a world that seems desperate for change. However, I didn’t feel like going too deep tonight. So instead, I decided to write about “Social Media Responsibility”.

You are probably thinking to yourself, “what are you talking about?”. I know, it does sound a little strange but I can assure you, it will all make absolute sense once you finish reading this article. So, keep reading to stay relevant in 2015!

We live in a digital age with digital responsibilities. Companies can no longer hide behind TV screens and advertisements that you can’t talk back to. Same goes for individuals, our lives are now out in the open and freely connected.

So, what does this have to do with responsibility? Absolutely everything!  The world is now connected and transparent in such a way that what you say online is now public for the world to see and hold against you if they wish.

While most people with decent amounts of intelligence know this, what people don’t consider is that what you don’t say can also be just as bad. The easiest examples are the companies on Twitter and Facebook who don’t care what you say at all. The companies that ignore support requests via Twitter.

These companies do not accept their Social Media Responsibilities. I don’t care if the company thinks social media is just a toy for kids, they are dead wrong and will suffer the consequences of neglecting their responsibilities in a social world. Just ask Gary Vaynerchuck about this!

But what does this mean for you as an individual? Well, have you ever had friends upset with you for ignoring them on Facebook? I am sure most of us are guilty of this at times. However, I think living in a world that relies heavily on Social Media puts upon us some responsibilities.

Responsibilities to be a good friend, to stay connected, to not neglect, and to even encourage our friends when they are down. And yes, even to compliment their successes and new babies!

Oh, and lets not forget, we do have to make time for cat videos! But seriously, Social Media is not going away any time soon so let’s bear our Social Media Responsibilities with joy! Stay connected and thoughtful.

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