Tarot Explains Why I Move

Life for me has been an extremely fun journey that has consisted of many travels and tons of moves to new places over the years. As you know, I haven’t been able to sit still in one place for too long. I often think, “I have finally found the best place!” to only then realize that my Spirit has other plans for me.

I’ve been studying the Tarot intensely over the past month or two. I decided to sit down and ask the Tarot today, what is it about me that feels attracted to move a lot? The card drawn is the 6 of Swords. I kid you not, this is the meaning of that card:

“Leaving behind what is familiar to you, moving towards the unknown. Sometimes forced upon you and sometimes of your own choice. The move is essential for your growth and personal development”
BOOM! That explains everything. Tarot never stops surprising me. With all that said, surprise surprise, I am moving again! LOL I leave behind the noisy streets of Downtown that unfortunately has become a stressful environment for me due to Covid, protests, riots, the homeless, and other things better left unsaid.

I was blessed to find over a half acre of property in the Country with a fenced in backyard and just 2 blocks away from close friends! Also just minutes away from family. A small town of 5,000 people just about 20 miles south of San Antonio.

Turning 37, I am getting closer to the thought of buying my own property especially as the world enters more trying times. This is my test run of Country land living as I will be renting a 2 bed/2 bath mobile home. Best of all, it has AT&T Fiber internet for my Work from home situation!

It is definitely bittersweet but as the 6 of Swords said, it is for my growth and personal development that I leave behind what is familiar to me and enter the unknown. Best of all, this will be my FIRST time ever having my own front and backyard! And a whole separate room for my books and Ouija board collection.
So with all that said, backyard BBQ parties with Tejano music is in my very near future! I move in just 2 weeks! .. oh and believe me, my spooky yard decorations are gonna be on point! 😂

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